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The word “rohe” is a verb in the Maori language meaning “to set apart”. It is also a noun in the Maori language meaning “domain, territory or boundary between tribes”. Maori is the name given to the indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand who emit a sense of family, power, unity, strength and resilience.


At Rohe Fitness we set ourselves apart from other fitness companies because we aim to provide outstanding, unrivalled customer service and service delivery. Rohe Fitness values are based on strength and unity to help every client feel supported by, and part of, the fitness family. Allowing customers to become unstoppable in obtaining their ultimate fitness goals and developing resilience to adversity in all aspects of health, fitness and life itself.




Our flagship training package, The Rohe Package, is a 12 week Transformation Program implementing our own "R3R Method" designed to seamlessly guide you through your training, nutrition and mindset. We will work with you to set your goals, analyse your habits, highlight your stumbling blocks and create the perfect plan to help you make better decisions and effectively move towards a happier, stronger and healthier you!

You will receive continuous support along the way via software and an app that allows you to communicate with your coach, record training sessions and track your nutritional progess.


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