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Our flagship training package, The Rohe Package, is a 12 week Transformation Program implementing our own "R3R Method" designed to seamlessly guide you through your training, nutrition and mindset. We will work with you to set your goals, analyse your habits, highlight your stumbling blocks and create the perfect plan to help you make better decisions and effectively move towards a happier, stronger and healthier you!

Are you ready to take charge and invest in your health and happiness?

  Contact us to arrange your FREE Transformation Call

What to expect from Online Coaching with Rohe

  • Detailed 12 week plan implementing the R3R Method 
    which includes your training, nutrition & daily movement goals 

  • 24/7 Communication

  • Weekly Check-In calls 

  • Accountability Sessions

  • Constant progress monitoring and support

  • Being called out by your coach when you are not following through!


What is the "R3R Method"

Reset - Rebuild - Revive

The R3R Method is our own tried and tested step-by-step system we use to get you from where you are now to where you want to be. The 3 Stage process has been designed to be your easy to implement road map to give you the absolute best chance of success. The R3R Method is what sets Rohe fitness apart from all your other generic online personal trainers and coaches. 

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