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Covid -19 

Training at Home

This page is purely dedicated to giving you the tools to train at home because of the COVID-19 virus pandemic.

You will find:

Video Archive

Home workout exercises 

Exercises for the Older Generations

Sport Specific Exercises


Key Coaching Points:

- Feet are hip width apart, toes slightly pointed out

- Keep the chest up, and kick the hips back to start the movement

- Allow your knees to come out over your feet

- Sink down as low as your mobility can take you

PRO TIP - Elevate your heels if you want to get more depth

Kettlebell Swing

Key Coaching Points:

- Double hand, overhanded grip

- Hinge at the hips

- Snap the hips & squeeze the glutes on each rep

- Let the momentum of the kettlebell pull you into the hinge

Equipment Needed - Kettlebell

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