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What is your WHY?

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Rohe Fitness is a company formed to help make a difference to peoples lives, targeting the ongoing problem of obesity, unhealthy lifestyles habits and the increased risk of disease from just sheer lack of knowledge.

You might be looking at the word Rohe and wondering.... How do you even say that?

Rohe (pronounced "ROW-HEY") is a Maori verb, that translates to "to set apart". In other words, we are different.

Our aim is to educate and provide the stepping stones for people to move towards their ultimate fitness goals.

Fitness to us is not who has the biggest biceps, the lowest body fat percentage or the most likes on social media. It is the ability to use exercise to develop self confidence and find happiness within yourself.

By looking after your body (and your mind) through exercise and proper nutrition, you give yourself the best chance of being successful outside of the gym too. Increased confidence and happiness will help your work life and relationships flourish.

Fitness is defined differently by everyone. Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to get in shape. Finding out this "why" makes it easier to motivate yourself through your journey.

These fitness guides will hopefully help you understand different aspects of health and fitness and allow you to identify your "why", so you can strongly and confidently move towards what makes you happy.

Think of your body as this beautiful motorbike...

You need to look after it, put the right fuel in and invest in it to keep it on the road. We do this without thinking for our cars and bikes, but its always an afterthought when it comes to our body.

We are Rohe Fitness. We are only small (just now). But our message and goal is big.

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