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Alison, 52

As well as training, my coach helped me with my diet, taught me how to calculate my calories and I have now lost 3st.
My Rohe Fitness Coach supported me throughout and has helped me completely change my lifestyle - despite saying I would not give up wine he even managed to get me to do that! He is passionate about what he does and he delivers results.  As well as losing weight I’m fitter, stronger and generally more healthy.


Mark, 28

This is Mark. He is a close friend to the Rohe Fitness team. He has always been involved in sport, playing rugby from a young age. However, he didn't take control of his training and nutrition until recently. These two pictures of Mark are taken 5 years apart and clearly show an incredible transformation. Through a carefully managed diet and a driven attitude towards his training as directed by his friends at Rohe, Mark has redefined himself. He has just recently competed in his first triathlon where he placed 20th out of 120. Proof it can be done with hard work and dedication.


Angela, 46

Before I started working with Andrew from Rohe Fitness, I had no confidence and had never lifted weights before. With his passionate drive and unrivalled patience, I have learned the importance of eating well and training hard. I have now lost over 3 stone and I love lifting weights. I could not recommend working with him enough, he knows his stuff and gets results. 

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